Floor Cloths

Floor cloths turn even the most boring floor into something the neighbors will talk about. Floor cloths include painted canvas rugs specially made to complement or contrast with your room's design. Research floor cloths through our online vendor network, which features a product review section.

26 Suppliers

Atlanta, GA
Faux finishing, Trompe l'oeil murals and floorcloths.
Dallas, TX
Wide, seamless canvas fabric for floor cloth, murals, paintings and theatrical backgrounds. Sizes range from 60 to 144 inches in many weights.
Mason, OH
Floorcloths -- unique hand painted canvas rugs, each individually hand drawn and painted by artist Anne Marie Stewart.
Perkinsville, VT
Canvas floorcloths painted on heavy grade heavy canvas. Company specializes in custom work including museum reproductions and individual home projects.
Hand-painted canvas floorcloths in a number of popular patterns and sizes.
Wall and ceiling stencils including medallions, floor cloths and borders.
Hand painted floor cloths and area rugs on heavyweight canvas, custom painted to match customer's decor. Also available to custom hand paint accessories, fine art,…
Townshend, VT
Traditionally handcrafted floorclothshandmade using heavyweight cotton duck canvas. Custom orders available.
Specializing in highly-detailed murals in trompe l'oeil and period styles. We offer custom and pre-painted ceiling panels, floorcloths, wallhangings, and creative installations.
Nevada City, CA
Floor cloth designs inspired by the natural environment and contemporary and ethnic textile design and color combinations.
Haddon Heights, NJ
Floor cloths by Carol prepares hand painted canvas floor cloths tailored to customers' specific decor. Custom designs, sizes and colors are all available.
Custom floor cloths (hand-painted canvas rugs) for home or office. The designs are executed in latex paints and are customized to your decor and color…