Air Conditioning

By 1950, air conditioning was marketed to homeowners as an essential component of modern living. Today's manufacturers offer a variety of air conditioners from electronic window units to ductless systems perfect for historic homes. Chill in your old house with the right air conditioning system. Whether you are updating or preserving your house's infrastructure, learn about central, mini duct, and ductless air conditioning systems. Check out our air conditioning guide to gain an understanding of the latest options and suppliers.

Each duct run has special sound attenuation materials which absorb airborneand regenerated noise to provide a quiet air conditioning system. It's the leastnoticeable installation of any system. Theonly visible part inside the home is a small, white, disc-like terminator(one-seventh as large as the usual 8" ceiling diffuser). Blends with anydecor. Conditioned air is delivered into the room through a small 2-inchopening.

12 Suppliers

Churchton, MD
Online sales of decorative heating register grilles, filter grilles and speaker grilles plus medallions for recessed lights, architectural wall panels, faux hinge straps, escutcheons and…
Manufacturer of a full line of heating and cooling systems, including two-zone systems and temperature-control thermostats. Established in 1904.
Bedford Heights, OH
Leading household appliances manufacturer with products in four sectors: air conditioning and air treatment; food preparation and cooking; cleaning and iron products.
Ringwood, IL
Financing for energy efficiency improvements such as heating and air-conditioning, insulation, windows, doors and weatherization.
Air conditioning and heating information and links. Information for all your HVAC needs. Collection of conversion charts and reference diagrams for heating, air conditioning, and…
Norcross, GA
Air conditioning and ventilation company. Introducing low-maintenance Lossnay energy-recovery ventilators to help solve indoor air quality problems.
Commercial-grade exterior protective covers for air conditioners and swamp coolers.
Service and maintain heating (furnaces) and cooling (air conditioning) equipment in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan area - including most of the northwestern suburbs.
Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC) is the U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation. Home appliances including air conditioners.
Manufacturer of residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning systems.