Hot Water Heat

Hot water heat, also known as hydroponic heat, is driven through radiators, baseboard heaters or floor coils by gravity or pumps. If you have an exiting hot water heat system that requires repairs or upgrades, or, if you are considering installing a new system, you can learn about materials and suppliers here.

Each duct run has special sound attenuation materials which absorb airborneand regenerated noise to provide a quiet air conditioning system. It's the leastnoticeable installation of any system. Theonly visible part inside the home is a small, white, disc-like terminator(one-seventh as large as the usual 8" ceiling diffuser). Blends with anydecor. Conditioned air is delivered into the room through a small 2-inchopening.

17 Suppliers

Costa Mesa, CA
Hot water recirculating system. Does not require third line (recirc line). Easy retro-fit for existing homes. Increases life expectancy of water heater and plumbing fixtures.
This subsidiary of Western Industries, Inc. is one of the two largest food waste disposer manufacturers in the world. Also produces hot water dispensers, range…
Cincinnati, OH
Radiator enclosures, custom cabinets, pipe covers, fan coil covers, fin tube covers and HVAC products.
Bozeman, MT
Bear Mountain Design manufacturers a device called ThermGuard. It makes heating your home with a fireplace or stove more efficient.
Lancaster, PA
Burnham Corporation is a leading producer of boilers and related accessories for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Originating in 1873, Burnham's first boilers were used…
Greenbush, MN
Manufacturer of the Classic outdoor wood furnace. Heats entire home, shop, domestic water, pool and more.
On site sales and auctions of salvage of homes and businesses. You buy it, you remove it.
Bellevue, WA
Makers and direct sellers of clean-burning wood-fired furnaces that heat an entire home and provide hot water. Size up to 300,000 BTUs, with 85% efficiency.…
Supplier of plumbing supplies for the heating, cooling and HVAC industries. Canadian-based, ships worldwide.
East Stroudsburg, PA
Manufacturer of commercial hot water heating boilers in sizes from 300,000 to 2,000,000 Btu.
Cedar Grove, NJ
These decorative, interlocking enclosures are installed over existing, installed baseboard heating units. They feature easy, slip-on installation.