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Indoor air can become uncomfortably dry when the outside humidity is low or forced air heat is running. Home humidifiers make your indoor environment more pleasant and stop the snap, crackle and pop of static shock due to super dry air. Learn about furnace-mounted and ductless humidifiers.

7 Suppliers

Manufacturer of a full line of heating and cooling systems, including two-zone systems and temperature-control thermostats. Established in 1904.
Memphis, TN
Offering a complete line of home electrical products, including ceiling fans, portable fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats and vaporizers.
Indoor air quality products. Airscreen Electronic Furnace Filters, UV Lights, White Rodgers Digital Thermostats, General 1040 Humidifiers, Air Monitoring Instruments.
glendale, AZ
Specializing in indoor lighting, including pendants, chandeliers, and lamps. Offer the entire Hunter ceiling fan collection, and the Hunter air purifiers and humidifiers.
Bradford, AR
Hunter ceiling fans; light kits; air purifiers and filters; humidifiers,and vaporizers.
Sheldon, IA
Hand made ceramic humidifiers that hang on old fashioned radiators from a brass/copper hook.
Stylish air circulators, heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers.