Radiant Heating Suppliers

Radiant heating systems are easy to install while remodeling or updating your old home.Many people love radiant heating beacause on a cold day, there's nothing better than a nice warm floor underfoot. Radiant heating works by heating objects before heating air. Radiant heaters can be vented or vent-free, and come in portable, wall or floor mount models. Some have built-in or add-on blowers. Safe and efficient, some radiant heaters require no electricity, so you can stay warm even during power outages.

26 Suppliers

Bozeman, MT
Bear Mountain Design manufacturers a device called ThermGuard. It makes heating your home with a fireplace or stove more efficient.
W. Wareham, MA
Manufacturing and direct online sales of radiant heat for under floor or ceiling. Also: De-icing for walkways, driveways, wheel chair ramps.
Australia's leading online radiant floor heating supplier, with a range of DIY and trade floor heating products.
East Granby, CT
Since 1951, manufacturer of electric-resistance radiant heating cables and systems for floor warming, snow and ice melting, pipe tracing, roof and gutter de-icing, and other…
Provides high efficiency radiant heating and snow melt solutions including design of entire systems, custom control solutions and installation.
Mississauga, ON
Heat exchangers for radiant floor heating systems.
Murray, UT
Manufacturer or low voltage floor warming, roof deicing, and snow melting systems.
Guildford Surrey, UK
HeatProfile UK suppliers of radiant heating systems - both wet and electric.
Glenwood, MD
This online service offers room-by-room heating and cooling load calculations for residential homes.
Boston, Lincolnshire, UK
UK-based worldwide supplier of new cast iron radiators and fittings in a variety of styles.
East Stroudsburg, PA
Manufacturer of commercial hot water heating boilers in sizes from 300,000 to 2,000,000 Btu.
New York, NY
This site sells radiant heating supplies including a large line of flexible pex supply lines, fittings and controls.