Steam Heat

Does your old house, apartment building or office sport radiators? Chances are, you have a boiler in the basement too. If you love the look and feel of steam heat, but need a more efficient boiler or new radiators, check out our guide to steam heat products and suppliers.

Each duct run has special sound attenuation materials which absorb airborneand regenerated noise to provide a quiet air conditioning system. It's the leastnoticeable installation of any system. Theonly visible part inside the home is a small, white, disc-like terminator(one-seventh as large as the usual 8" ceiling diffuser). Blends with anydecor. Conditioned air is delivered into the room through a small 2-inchopening.

7 Suppliers

Cincinnati, OH
Radiator enclosures, custom cabinets, pipe covers, fan coil covers, fin tube covers and HVAC products.
Burnley, Lancashire
Wholesale and retail distributors of high-quality steam showers, bathroom suites, kitchens, and an extensive range of plumbing and heating supplies.
Chesterfield, Mo.
Find custom-made decorative radiator covers.
Saint Paul, MN
Steam traps and repair parts for steam heating systems.
Michigan City, Indiana
A leading source of high-quality gas-, coal- and heating oil-fired boilers as well as radiant heating systems.
Lake Mills, WI
Manufacturer and online sales of wood radiator covers in Mission and other traditional styles.