Keep comfortable and save energy by installing a reliable thermostat. Use a programmable digital or mechanical thermostat to control your furnace or baseboard heater or dual heater/air conditioner to maintain optimal comfort and energy saving for your lifestyle. Get the full 411 on thermostats and suppliers with our thermostat guide.

10 Suppliers

Bozeman, MT
Bear Mountain Design manufacturers a device called ThermGuard. It makes heating your home with a fireplace or stove more efficient.
Manufacturer of a full line of heating and cooling systems, including two-zone systems and temperature-control thermostats. Established in 1904.
Diversified technology and manufacturing leader with a home products division focusing on temperature and air quality control. Programmable thermostats and air cleaners are among the…
Memphis, TN
Offering a complete line of home electrical products, including ceiling fans, portable fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats and vaporizers.
Indoor air quality products. Airscreen Electronic Furnace Filters, UV Lights, White Rodgers Digital Thermostats, General 1040 Humidifiers, Air Monitoring Instruments.
New York, NY
This site sells radiant heating supplies including a large line of flexible pex supply lines, fittings and controls.
Canandaigua, NY
Online supplier of radiant heating products and packages ranging from simple do-it-yourself kits to engineered commercial and residential projects.
Re-manufacturer of controls for the cooking appliance industry, including both commercial and residential, gas and electric. Company specializes in antique and obsolete thermostats and safety…
Offers a large array of antique stove parts, information and service. Rebuilds antique stove thermostats, carbon rod regulators, and relap valves. Antique stove manuals and…
Manufacturer of residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning systems.