Water Heaters

Not enough hot water to run the dishwasher and take a shower in the same hour? If it's time to replace your water heater, you may appreciate our guide to water heaters and suppliers. The guide features conventional tanks, tankless and solar water heaters powered by gas, propane, or sunshine.

12 Suppliers

This subsidiary of Western Industries, Inc. is one of the two largest food waste disposer manufacturers in the world. Also produces hot water dispensers, range…
Bozeman, MT
Bear Mountain Design manufacturers a device called ThermGuard. It makes heating your home with a fireplace or stove more efficient.
Greenbush, MN
Manufacturer of the Classic outdoor wood furnace. Heats entire home, shop, domestic water, pool and more.
On site sales and auctions of salvage of homes and businesses. You buy it, you remove it.
San Jose, CA
On-line pricing and selection of HVAC equipment for residential and commercial applications. Water heaters, fans, Fantech exhaust kits, split A/C systems, louvers and more.
Supplier of plumbing supplies for the heating, cooling and HVAC industries. Canadian-based, ships worldwide.
Cleveland, OH
Manufacturer of solvent cement for joining plastic pipe; vent stack roof flashings; solder and flux for joining copper pipe; plus drains and other specialty plumbing.
East Stroudsburg, PA
Manufacturer of commercial hot water heating boilers in sizes from 300,000 to 2,000,000 Btu.
Canandaigua, NY
Online supplier of radiant heating products and packages ranging from simple do-it-yourself kits to engineered commercial and residential projects.
Spokane, WA
Manufacturer of radiant heating systems - with online sales of complete systems for contractor and DIY projects.
LaGrange, GA
Rinnai distributes vent free gas heaters, water heaters, direct vent gas heaters and portable cook tops. The products distributed by Rinnai in America are approved…
Brookfield, CT
In business since 1948, Toyotomi is one of the world's largest producers of heating products and a leading producer of portable air conditioners.