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Paint Sundries

Any paint job requires numerous supplies. Whether you need buckets, paint poles, brushes, rollers, roller covers, dust masks, air filters, caulk or caulk guns, strippers, or other surface prep tools or finishing supplies, you'll find it here with information on paint sundries from leading manufacturers and suppliers.

13 Suppliers

Costa Mesa, CA
Online sales of products that folks with allegies or chemical sensitivities will appreciate when working on old houses - low VOC paints, dust masks, air…
Makers of environmentally friendly paints, stains, cleaners, sealers and specialty coatings designed to prevent bad indoor air quality.
Vero Beach, FL
Waterbase finishing materials for faux and decorative waterbased systems. More than 200 products for walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, trim, concrete, tile and accessories.
Vero Beach, FL
Complete line of faux finish materials and decorative artists' supplies including glazes, tinting colors, old world plasters, metallics, more.
Supplier of a full line of paint sundries and exterior home-care products, including Klean-Strip premium strippers and such specialty removers as KWIK marine and methylene…
Cleveland, OH
Adhesive and caulking products.
N. Hollywood, CA
Professional faux and decorative paint products. Also Venetian plaster.
Los Angeles, CA
Supplier of gold-leaf products: genuine gold-leaf, composition metal-leaf & gilding-related supplies & accessories; in stock for immediate delivery.
Portland, OR
Since the early 1900s, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, handcrafted paint brushes. Also: rollers, roller covers, paint poles and more.
Vero Beach, FL
Complete line of professional decorative artist's supplies. Choose from glazes, tints, plaster supplies and more.
Manufacturer of high-quality paint brushes favored by pro painters - plus roller frames and extension poles, buckets and surface prep tools.
Woodstock, IL
Permanent interior crack-repair product which stays flexible and can be used as an alternative to spackle. For plaster, drywall, wood, masonry and other finishes.