Lightning Rods Suppliers

No historic renovation or preservation project is complete if you haven't included lightning rods or weathervanes that belong to the original design of your valuable home. Our suppliers offer a choice of more than 200 vanes and ornaments, along with a selection of lightning rods in historically accurate styles that you can install yourself.

4 Suppliers

Manufacturer of UL-listed lightning-protection equipment: air terminals, fittings, clamps, conductors, grounding products, finials & glass balls; products meet national safety standards for lightning protection.
Franklin Weathervanes - retailing for over 30 years the highest quality Cast Aluminum, Copper & Brass & Steel Weathervanes and Cupolas at the lowest possible…
Homosassa, FL
Lightning rods and parts, available to install yourself
Wausau, WI
Over 200 styles of cast aluminum and copper weather vanes and ornaments, plus lightning rods