Quartersawn Clapboards Suppliers

Quartersawn clapboards are cut at right angles to a tree's annual growth rings and produce vertical grain boards, which are then installed horizontally for siding. Quartersawn clapboards are a popular choice for exterior walls, especially in the Northeast. Find local and online suppliers here for your quartersawn clapboard replacement or restoration needs.

3 Suppliers

Groton, Mass., company specializing in wide pine and oak flooring, paneling, quartersawn clapboards and custom millwork.
Granville, VT
Vermont mill features spruce and pine quartersawn clapboards as well as other vertical grain building materials. Products include sidings, trim boards, wood flooring, and shakes…
Patten, ME
This fourth-generation family-owned business supplies quartersawn clapboards - made the same way for more than a century - from mills in Maine and Vermont