Stone Veneer Siding

Find stone veneer that matches existing siding for your repair work, or locate stone veneer with the proper authenticity for your restoration project. From fieldstone to granite, river stone to marble, locate the proper stone veneer from one of these local or online suppliers.

14 Suppliers

Custom and standardized limestone architectural elements, including fireplace surrounds - plus a unique mounting system for a range of standardized elements and panels.
Producer of high quality stone veneers that replicate natural stone for use in new construction, home improvement, commercial and industrial applications.
Manufacturer of stone veneer, thin brick, floor tile and accessory masonry products. Over 90 pattern and color variations of stone and over 25 thin brick…
Portland, OR
Manufacturer and supplier of pre-cast concrete stone veneers for use in siding for homes or commecial offices.
Warrensburg, NY
Natural building and landscaping stone from six New York quarries, including granite, quartzite and limestone veneer.
Granite, marble & slate switchplate covers made from natural stone designed to match stone countertops and backsplash. Custom color match is available.
Fort Myers, Florida
Architectural Foam, veneer limestone, and faux wood products.
Tiverton, RI
Supplier of palletized New England field stone for use in stone walls, retaining walls, fireplaces and chimney construction.
Canadian distributor of natural stone products sliced into veneers giving the look of full size stone without the weight.
Las Vegas, NV
Offers concrete stone veneer molds and techniques.
Nederland, CO
Modular mortarless precast concrete siding designed to replicate the look of stone and granite.
Calgary, AB
Manufactured to replicate fine architectural designs: centuries-old castles, Georgian mansions, an English cottage or a sleek contemporary design. For residential or commercial projects.