Slate Tools

Specialized tasks require specialized tools. If you are working with a slate roof, you will need slate tools. A slate cutter will assist in cutting slate not only in straight lines, but in curves and angles. A slate hammer is designed especially for working with slate tiles, and a slate ripper removes old tiles.

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Stainless steel liners for old chimneys. plus fireplace and woodstove accessories. Online ordering.
Philadelphia, PA
Slate roofing tools, manufactured in the same Philadelphia factory building since 1853. Slate Hammers, rippers and cutters - plus brick hammers and cutters, tile cutters,…
St. Louis, MO
Heavy duty slate rippers; French style right-handed slate hammers, cutters and trimmers and other slate tools.
Quality roofing slate for repair work, restorations and new construction. Extensive inventory of most common sizes and colors, custom-cutting service for special shapes and patterns.