Tile Cutters

Tile is a beautiful and useful material, but requires special tools. Tile cutters, as the name implies, cut tiles to size. Tile cutters consist of a scoring wheel or a hand-scoring device, a bed, and a breaker bar to shear the scored tile. Tile cutters are a necessary tool for any tile installation job.

3 Suppliers

Milford, CT
Direct supplier of tools and equipment for tile, marble and masonry work. Wet saws, diamond blades, tile cutters, polishing equipment and other hard-to-find tools.
Philadelphia, PA
Slate roofing tools, manufactured in the same Philadelphia factory building since 1853. Slate Hammers, rippers and cutters - plus brick hammers and cutters, tile cutters,…
Norcross, GA
Tile tools to help the professional and do-it-yourself with tile installation or repair jobs.