As any cold climate dweller can tell you, proper insulation is important for reducing energy usage and keeping air from leaking in or out. Our suppliers offer wall and roofing insulation products that can turn even a drafty old house into a well-sealed environment.

11 Suppliers

Offers products that help reduce dependency on foreign energy products and reduce the drain on natural resources. Offers radiant barriers, reflective foil insulation, and more.
Moscow, PA
Online sales of flexible stainless chimney relining systems, chimney caps, and vented kerosene heaters.
Baltimore, MD
A leading marketer of home repair and construction products, such as latex caulk, silicone sealants, contact cements, adhesives, glazings, spackles as well as patch and…
Ringwood, IL
Financing for energy efficiency improvements such as heating and air-conditioning, insulation, windows, doors and weatherization.
The Energy Guardian? Kits stop the energy loss caused by any type of attic entrance- push up or side wall panels, folding ladders or stairways.…
W. Melbourne, FL
Ceramic-baed insulating additive that makes paint an insulation coating.
Toledo, OH
Owens Corning is the company that invented glass fiber. Products include a wide line of insulation and roofing materials.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Offers a diverse range of Metal Roofing products to suit your needs.
Exterior insulation and finish system, cement and synthetic stuccos, elastomeric coatings for residential, commercial and new construction.
Midland, MI
Dow is a leader in science and technology, providing innovative chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to many essential consumer markets.
Syracuse, IN
Home of foil reflective insulation and o-tear radiant barrier.