Plaster Repair

Plaster repair is tricky business that requires the right tools. Our suppliers are experts in plaster repair, just the right folks to restore your walls and ceilings to their original grandeur. Also look for sculptors, mold makers and historic ornamentation.

12 Suppliers

New Ringgold, PA
Full line of polymer-based products for flexible molding, formliners and resin casting. architectural ornamentation, sculptures, concrete and plaster casting.
Brattleboro, Vermont
Plaster repair adhesive used by contractors and DIYs to repair cracked and loose plaster walls and ceilings. It saves your plaster by making plaster repairs…
This Boston, MA, retail hardware store specializes in plaster washers, used for repairing old plaster walls and ceilings.
Franklin, Ohio
Vintage reproductions of tin ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles in both rusty tin and a galvanized look metal. Wide variety of pressed tin patterns and styles.…
Expert sculptors, mold makers, and period ceiling designers offering a historic collection of beautiful ornamentation dating from the turn of and early 20th century. Castings…
Manufacturer of hydrated lime products for masonry, stucco, plaster and restoration applications.
Bellingham, MA
Ornamental plaster.
Jessup, MD
Selling Plaster-Weld R, a product that allows plastering over drywall. A fast, easy way to bond a plaster finish to any drywall surface.
NU-WAL covers and reinforces the entire surface with a fine-textured fiberglass mat embedded in and elastomeric adhesive.
Venetian Plaster taught at School of Italian Plasters. We import 15 different Venetian Plaster from Verona Italy. Interior and exterior use plus Italian faux finish…
New Jersey Based restoration company specializing in flat and ornamental plaster and masonry restoration.
N. Kansas City, MO
Architectural plaster and ornamentation by master craftsmen. Also kits for home restoration.