Stone or brick masonry is central to the charm of a historic building. Masonry suppliers and contractors can help you restore your home to mint condition, inspect existing masonry, or install a new structure. Find a full range of masonry cleaning and inspection supplies, as well as brick and stone products. Or search for a masonry construction or restoration contractor.

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A guide to all tile, stone, and masonry materials. Site is designed to prevent common problems and mistakes in installations, or fix and restore what…
Masonry restoration contractor based in Boston specializing in solving leaks of old and new structures.
Wisconsin-based building restoration contractors and conservators specializing in historic masonry restoration & tuckpointing.
Santa Monica, CA
Manufacturers of a crack-monitoring gauge that measures the movement of cracks in concrete, brick, or masonry structures.
Supplier of brick and masonry products since 1930. Brick, brick pavers, authentic terra-cotta, precast concrete.
Weston, ON
Masonry reinforcement and ties for repair and stabilization of defective walls.
Gibsonia, PA
Manufacturer and distributor of hand tools and equipment. Tools for masonry, concrete, plaster, tile setting, roofing, flooring, and more.
Line of adhesives and patch compounds for installation and repair of stone, masonry and concrete.
Manufacturer of stone veneer, thin brick, floor tile and accessory masonry products. Over 90 pattern and color variations of stone and over 25 thin brick…
Port Townsend, WA
Fireplace technical-design service specializing in the restoration of 18th- and 19th-century fireplaces and the construction of new Rumford fireplaces. Also supplies Rumford fireplace and chimney…
New Westminster, BC
Revitalize the look of your rooms with PanelWOODS. Prefinished or paintable, paneling adds warmth, texture & style to your home. With over 40 different designs…
Source of the Jahn Masonry Restoration System of breathable, custom formulated, non-polymer mortar products for repairing brick, bluestone, concrete, granite, limestone, terra cotta and standsone.…