Matt Grocoff
Green renovation expert for Old House Web

Old house, new energy: ditch your utility company.

by Matt Grocoff
Utility companies work on a centralized model, and for one hundred years have relied on legal monopolies to ensure that they make a profit. They build giant, central, and unhealthy power plants designed to.  More »
William Kibbel III, The Home Inspector
William Kibbel III, The Home Inspector
Contributing editor for Old House Web

The little room upstairs

by William Kibbel III, The Home Inspector
Many homes from the late Victorian era have a small room upstairs. Find out the history behind these rooms.More »

My parents modernized the kitchen of their 1868 Victorian in 1954. That was before mass-produced cabinets were common, and a local carpenter did the work.…
I have a set of matching antique chandeliers that were in two of the bedrooms when we bought our house. We have redone one of the bedrooms and I want…
That's really how old is that? Wow, that is perfect to restore and use on your house interior doors. Not only you have unique kinds of door because of…