Door in a concrete block house

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Door in a concrete block house

Post by catya »

Well, now Ive uncovered one more problem. Why can't anything ever be easy in this house?

The door to the upstairs apt. was cut into the concrete block exterior wall. There had been a window there and they just cut it down further to make a doorway. The door framing (jamb) isn't really attached to anything-- there's no studs or header-- it just seems to be stuck in the opening and not really attached to anything. I don't know if there's a way to attach it to anything because there's really nothing there for it to be attached to. Mortar was smoothed over the cut on the outside so the wind doesn't come thru, but inside the wall there's nothing really there.

So that's why the jamb has warped and the door doesn't hang straight.

Anyway... really need a new door. What would the best way of dealing with this situation????

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Post by Texas_Ranger »

IS th block walled hollow or filled with concrete?

If it's solid the typical way would be to anchor the door frame to the wall.

If it's hollow... don't know. You need to get something solid to attach the frame to, maybe get wood that fits the cavity flush inside the wall and screw it to the concrete from inside and outside, then nail/screw the door frame to the wood.
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Post by franklyspeaking »

I think Texas_Ranger has it about right. The door needs a liner,usually a 2x8, that is attached to the concrete blocks. You can use tap con screws and liquid nails to install the liner...then install a conventional door (assuming that the opening is the correct size, which may be your big challenge).

Good luck!

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