Insurance Company Forcing Painting

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by jharkin »

Stories like this is why I happilystay with Amica even though they arenot the cheapest out there. We had to get a pre buy inspection but they didn't complain about anything.

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by shizzy »

eclecticcottage wrote:Actually it makes a lot of sense. Bad economy=less acceptable business risks taken. A number of them have multiple lines, and might be getting ready to pay out on crop failures with the drought. OR some insurance risk assessment firm has done "research" and decided older homes are a greater risk, so companies are looking for reasons to drop them to make their portfolios look better.
I was told by my Agent (awesome, neighborhood office) that this is the reason. He said most insurance companies are not wanting to insure residential properties anymore and older houses even less so.

Two years ago I got a letter from my insurance company wanting to drop me because of a piece of rotten brick molding and a piece of fascia board on the garage that had some rot on the end where it meets up to the house. They wanted to drop me for what turned out to be $5 worth of brick molding, a new section of fascia board (pulled from my stash of boards) and about an hours worth of work. Of all the reasons they could choose to drop a guy on his 82 year old house, they chose that? really?

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by Infogeek »

jharkin wrote:Stories like this is why I happilystay with Amica even though they arenot the cheapest out there. We had to get a pre buy inspection but they didn't complain about anything.
I have Amica also. They pointed out some overhanging trees and my porch is missing handrails on the steps, but they did not require me to fix it immediately. I'm sure if the overhanging tree causes damage there may be an issue with coverage, and I had a tree man give me an estimate. But there is only so much money and time. I found a bunch of electrical issues I feel are more important in terms of safety. I've only been here a few months, and can't get every thing fixed immediately.

I probably should have started painting the house first and not the barns, but I don't have a 40' ladder yet, so can't get the eaves; either that or I need to rent some scaffolding. I should call for an estimate on that.

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by mizimney »

Heard back from my agent today. Good news. He talked to the underwriters supervisor and he agreed it was bs to be forcing us to paint. So as of now all is good :D
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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by jade mortimer »

yaaaay! a phone call or two can go a long way in getting people/companies to see the light!
happy for your good news...... :mrgreen:

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by lisascenic »

Oh, that's excellent news.

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by kathyd »

I had written that I had gotten a long list of items to take care of from my insurance company in late April, including painting, replacing missing or damaged boards, replacing porch steps and handrailing. Even though it said I had to have everything done by mid June, my agent (Allstate) assured me that since my policy was not up for renewal until the end of January, that I did not have to get everything done by that date. I notified him at the end of September that everything was finished and he said he would request a reinspection. Well, I never saw an inspector and hadn't heard anything. Today the renewal notice came in the mail, so I suppose everything passed inspection. I am relieved.

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Re: Insurance Company Forcing Painting

Post by domesticgddss »

already a few rounds with insurance co over roof shingles & dry rot on old shed. We were flagged after exterior inspection. Silly me I didn't realize they'd be looking around - thought it was just a drive by.

Got that all fixed up now Agent suggests we move to another company because premium still going up after all repairs. (We got whole new roof, decided to not nitpick and just replace a few shingles since letter was so vague.) So we did much more than requested. I'm ticked premium still going up (although we weren't cancelled.) haven't got a straight answer from agent as to why this happened just a "push" to another company they also represent. My problem right now is interior bathroom needs work - just old not unsafe. But afraid if I switch and I'm flagged for an interior inspection, they'll cancel my policy. No money to have bathroom replaced right now after paying for roof. I am so stressed out about this! And I'm just not sure about this I try to stay put, reduce coverages and stick with old company or risk it with new company? It just seems odd premium would jump after lots of repairs (and no claims ever!) Never got an exact $ amount how much policy would go up, she just said a lot more like $1000 a year. Got nothing from present insurance company. (Friend in insurance across country said this sounds fishy..especially since she pushed this other company right away and already did a quote with my asking...) I'm in a panic - advice please! Already called one other company and they said flat out they'd want to do an interior inspection but I guess they're known for it....

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