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Postby awhitmer83 on Wed May 04, 2005 9:19 pm

I agree that this is a great idea!

I'm Andrea, 22, and my husband is 26. I'm graduating next week with a bachelors in social work, and will be starting graduate school in June. Scott is a supervisor in a state prison.

We have a 6-year old son (yes, do the math, it was a strange situation) and have been married 3 years. We have two spoiled dogs, Harley and Bentley.

This is our first house, which we found the same day that our offer was refused on another house (blessings in disguise, anyone?). We had a limited amount of time to vacate our rental (landlords sold it out from under us), and ended up closing on our house with one day to move out of our other one! Luckily for us, our POs were very conscientious and did a TON of work without ruining the house. I am in the process of getting copies of the pre-remodel photos to get an idea of what it used to look like. We've lived here since August and I am STILL unpacking the boxes that we frantically threw in here!

I've mostly been a lurker here, but I have learned amazing things and can't wait to get out of school and do some stuff to my house. Glad to meet everyone!
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Postby Andrew in Red Lion on Wed May 04, 2005 11:09 pm

I am Andrew, 23 and have been a long time lurker here, enjoy reading and absorbing, but feel less than good with my own words. My wife Sherry, 23, and I have been together for 10 years now and have been married for 3 years this June. We have a 8 month old daughter, and another kid due in December. I work in IT in the defense industry, and Sherry is a full time mother.

We are currently in our second house, our first old house. We have been here just about a year and love it. (Well I do, Sherry is comming around.) I do most of the work on the house, with Sherrys creative input. She is not exactly the hands on type, but I have managed to get power tools in her hands a few times. It is hard to believe we have been here a year, but looking back we have made progress.

Continue for the Back Story

1930 Red Lion Rowhouse
Andrew in Red Lion
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Postby lrkrgrrl on Thu May 05, 2005 2:12 pm

Thanks, everyone, for introducing your selves. I'm struck by the number of IT folks - not surprising for a web discussion board, but I like how it suggests that one can love the fine qualities of the past, and still be part of the modern world! Most old houses have gone through stages of updating, over the years, and I think one of the biggest challenges in "retrovation" is making the decisions that will make our homes safe, efficient, and comforable for the future, without sacrificing the qualities of the past. I learned a lot from you all when we retrovated the kitchen at my former home, and hope I have offered back some knowlege and experience in return. I look forward to pestering you all with new questions when I get my new place...so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Again thanks, everyone!

And for those who are curious, I work in the housing industry, subsection, finance, subsection "community development", meaning making financing options available for "low to moderate" income folks. And I read too much.

Postby Schag on Thu May 05, 2005 3:13 pm

Hey hey hey....Lurkergrrl....this is my thread and if anyone is going to do the thank you's, it's me... :wink:

Thank you.
(there, I'm done now. :lol: )
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Postby Don M on Thu May 05, 2005 3:45 pm

Hi All,
I am Don, 57, veterinarian and married to Susan 51, english riding instructor for 32 years. We bought our most recent farm in Boiling Springs, PA in 1999 when I was transferred from Boerne, TX by the Army Veterinary Corps. We have two boys, James 22, studying computer networking in Bend, OR, and Trey 20 who is manager of Fuddrucker's Restaurant in Lancaster, PA. We have three Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Libby 11, Rascal 2, and Tubadias 2, two older cats, Major Meow and Rachael, six horses, King 22, Mo 5, Wizard 3, Sayer 4, Jammie 4, & Neo 2. Also numerous un-named woodchucks, a den of foxes, bunny rabbits etc. Our house is a circa 1840 stone Federal that had a major renovation in 1965. It was in relatively good condition when purchased, the same can't be said of the bank barn, spring house, piggery, summer kitchen and corn crib/wagon shed all of which were suffering major & minor termite damage, rotten sills etc. All have had work done to stabilize and restore them to safety and usefulness. I retired from the Veterinary Corps a year ago and immediately went to work for the USDA so we anticipate remaining here for the foreseeable future. Nancy, a get together might be fun. :P Don
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Postby Jack Willard on Fri May 06, 2005 10:49 am

I'm Jack (54), and yesterday I celebrated my fourth year anniversary of having met my Soulmate Lynn (37). Something really special: the day we met 5-5-01 is my birthdate 10-5-50 written backwards! Is that a date made in heaven or what? Lynn has three children, two teenage boys and a ten year old daughter from her late husband. I have no children of my own. There are two dogs (1 is currently out on "walk-about" again) and one cat.

I am currently an engineering Project Manager and AutoCAD Manager working for the County of Sacramento, California. And, I do security systems consulting work at home as a sideline business. The home-based business was full-time for nine years during the 1990's. Lynn is currently a dispatcher/gopher at a towing company.

We found our 3,012 sf Victorian three years ago, while trying to combine our two separate 3br houses worth of stuff. I worked with the PO for over nine months during escrow; constructing the shop building from scratch, and adding lots of new built-in cabinetry and hardwood flooring to the house. We moved into the Victorian on the Fall solstice 9-21-03.

I am currently into my second cool weather season of clearing all of the underbrush vegetation, small sapling trees, and lopping all of the tree limbs up to eight feet off the ground, on about four acres of our 5.83 acre property in the Sierra mountain foothills of Northern California. Danger from forest fire is very real here and I am mitigating the danger as much as I can.

As soon as the rains stop and the ground dries up, I will begin this years' task of painting the exterior of the Victorian house. The vision is to turn her into a beautiful "Painted Lady", with two shades of blue and a white trim. I will alternate the base color of medium pale blue with a darker blue to set off all of the about ten different redwood shake patterns that adorn the second floor exterior, gables and dormers. Whether or not this task will get completed in one dry weather season is definately in question.

Lynn and I both love Victorians and were obviously destined to find and get this one. I had previously lived in two Victorian apartments where I fell in love with the style. We are very lucky to have found this one. I have owned two houses previously, both in the SF Bay area. This is my first adventure into contruction/remodeling. Lynn had one previous house here which was sold to roll into a substantial down payment on the current property with the Victorian. I am paying her father back for the difference. Her folks bought her previous house and this one outright, cash $$, what a deal! They are sooo cool! :shock: Life is good!

Great thread! Nice to know y'all better. (sorry, originally from North Carolina, a long long time ago) :)
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Postby richie on Fri May 06, 2005 11:28 am

I'm Rich, 45, married to Robin,28. We've got a Westy-terrier dog named "Gizmo", and felines Bandit and Sandy.

I got a free ticket to computer school in the 70's (had to break my neck to do it) and have done computers since. My wife and I have a business that developes software (we met in an Oracle Forms class in Atlanta). We also started a wireless company (802.11).

Robin's from Georgia and is a completely friendly and approachable person. I'm from South Jersey (just like North, but harmless). Robin wants kids, I've got 4 boys: 1 in AF, 1 in Army, 1 in college and 1 helping me with the house work.

Things are going well, but the house isn't an "impossible" adventure anymore. I'd be worried about a future without mind-bending stress and excitement, but like I said, Robin wants children...

A get-together would be nice, count me in.


Postby White Elephant on Fri May 06, 2005 12:32 pm

Hi everyone! It's me, White Elephant. I'm Kim (41) married 16 years to Mark (40) with two children Mason (10) and Marissa (12). Two dogs, two cats, a tank full of fish and that's enough!

We moved into the house I call the white elephant 5 years ago. We scratched our heads, tried desperately to survive one winter and decided we didn't make enough money to undertake this project. (This was our second renovation in 16 years.) We put the house on the market and prepared to take a huge loss, count our blessings and move on. It didn't sell. Many lookers, no takers.

We took it off the market the day before 9-11. We devised a plan. After the foundation, wiring, plumbing etc were all updated, we would tackle one room a year. This is a great plan altho slower than I would like.

So far we have 5-6 rooms finished. The things we are able to do is amazing. We surprise ourself each time we take on something new. We love to work together and it shows. If he can't do it, I try it and if we can't do it, we call a friend or hire it out. God puts just the right people in your path when you need them.

Ours is a 2500 sq ft Greek Revival/Federal home located across the street from the historical district. No restrictions on us, as of yet.

I'm president of the historical society and currently looking to adopt the Ohio Main Street Program for our city. We live in the downtown area and want to see it thrive 20 years from now. It's currently full of antique stores and malls with a nice mix of other stuff too.

I'm a corporate real estate paralegal. Had my real estate license at one point. My hubby just finished his certification classes to be a home inspector. We are launching this business together. He's currently a tool and die, machine shop laborer.

The funniest and most true statement that I've read on these boards is this: It must be the weekend because I'm trimming my fingernails and getting ready to work. I go to work every Monday ready to rest and relax.

I've learned a lot from these boards and appreciate the wealth of knowledge given here. Glad to meet all of you!! :lol:

In my spare time, I play the guitar (31 years now). Keeps life interesting...
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Postby Rob on Sat May 07, 2005 5:46 pm

Hey Ken I was wondering what happened to the rest of the story. Glad to hear you got the Maine house back.

Anyways, name's Rob, I'm 26, been married to the love of my life Heather for almost 5 years now (been together for 11). We have two boys, Robert Jr (almost 3) and Jeremiah (20 mo). I'm From the east coast originally and currently reside in the SF bay area, and hope to be up where we want to raise our kids very soon. Up until just recently I worked as a maintenance technician in the semiconductor industry. Current occupation is full time house restorer (well, at least until the money runs out :wink: ) We're in the process of moving from one old house to another, so I've been spending my days between the two places, finishing one so it can sell, and the other so it can be lived in.
My wife and I also have our own business manufacturing products for Jeeps and the off road market, with hopes of possibly opening up a shop in the new town.
The 'new' house that we are moving into is an 1894 modified 3600 sq ft four square. I say modified becuase of an addition that was done not long after the house was built making it more of a rectangle than a square. This will be our second house.
Our first house is approx 1000 sq ft and a style that we cannot figure out. The exterior is similar to a workingmans four square (with an couple of additions off the back), however the interior moulding is more of what would be found in a victorian. :? Even the age we are unsure of since it had been moved to its current location somtime in the teens from a local mining turned ghost town. The PO said he was told the house was built in 1884, however my own historical research suggests the house most may have actually been built 20 years earlier. Hopefully I'll be able to perform some more needed research before we move to shed some light on it 8)
100 year old houses
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Postby wrylass on Tue May 10, 2005 8:32 pm

Great thread :) I'm 37, technical writer, have been in IT but currently work for a software startup. One 8-year-old rescued Sheltie who's very quiet and shy, but has come a long way nonetheless, and is happy in our 1927 Storybook cottage even though she slides on the hardwoods when she gets freaked out.

The house is my first, and the way I'm restoring it, it may be my last. I bought the house intending to DIY like my parents did, but I soon realized that it wasn't how I wanted to spend all my spare time (I'm a bookworm and contemplative sort), and I also wasn't up to my own exacting standards as an artisan :wink: When working with my hands, I'm at my best as a pastry chef or with a needle ... little things, not big things.

I feel quite passionate about my house, and have spent many hours at my local architectural salvage store--it's quite a good one and just a few minutes away.

Today I'm feeling absolutely thrilled because I called the custom hardware guy and he says he has successfully made the missing piece of hardware I need to restore my original front door to its former glory, and is now working on getting the color to match the old stuff.

Right now I am having interior/exterior painting done by three generations of one family (who in addition to being excellent at what they do are quite interesting), and my red heart pine floors refinished by a guy who lives in the next neighborhood over. All these folks specialize in old houses.

I'm pretty pleased with how my bath has turned out. I realized after the paint went up (it was a pale periwinkle blue, until the beigey-yellow 50s/60s tile pulled it lavender) that I needed a softer look than what I'd planned, and so I clicked over to eBay & found a summerweight chenille bedspread that I hung from clip rings as a curtain (having removed the excess skirt at the bottom with pinking shears). Looks great! I have Deco sconces that I spent many, many hours searching for. I need to have some serious work done on the tile and replace the shower/bath fittings, but for now, it's a huge, huge improvement. And hopefully much more to come :)
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