what brick vics can survive

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what brick vics can survive

Postby swaps on Fri Nov 24, 2006 10:58 pm

1.Straight line winds, which are pretty much like tornados I guess.The weather service said it wasn;t a tornado, oh well. The cornfield near my house had a nice flattened path thro it. Damage. Apple tree in backyard blown down,,.W gutter blown off. Orig.cupola ornament blown off, but not broken, just on the ground. Had to go up on the cupola and put a piece of plywood over the hole until I could get someone to put the ornament back on,which prolly weighed 30 pounds at least, back porch blown in[at the time, plywood over orig. posts, ply got blown in]garage constructed of cement blocks, West side blown in, blocks all over my cars in there, two windows in the main house broken on the side of the wind, while my husband was sitting on the pot. Yeh, one of the windows was right by the pot. Yeh, it broke both the storm and inner window. Glass everywhere. Husband was traumatized about going to the pot after that. Since it was at 130 in the morning, we had no warning, and I was upstairs on the W. side of the house also. Yeh, it happens.I remember hearing a BIG roar.

2. Being hit by a truck? I can;t be sure about this, since I wasn;t there. It;s just folklore. [Outraged man runs into house with his wife inside house thingie]However, the bricks are cracked on the side of the house that was supposed to be hit.Exactly in an area a truck could have hit. In addition, about that time I recall going over to the house after the renters moved out, and there was a pretty nice Honda in the shed with ALL the windows smashed out of it. Cracked several outside bricks, outside wall may be a bit bowed in where the bricks are cracked, but hey, u have 18 inches of these things. The house hasn;t fallen down.

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