swamp cooler on a metal roof

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sharon kotter
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swamp cooler on a metal roof

Post by sharon kotter »

We are trying to decide how to cool our home. We recently put a metal roof on our home. What will be the best method and least costly?
We have access to a free swamp cooler, roof unit. So we would just have to have it installed. If this isn't going to be a wise move I want to find out now before it is in place. Will this work on a metal roof or are we just asking for trouble?
I need some help here.

Phx Matt
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Post by Phx Matt »

I'd stay away from swamp coolers. As I said in previous posts, I live where it gets HOT, and I had both a roof-based Evap (swamp cooler), and roof-based refrigeration, and I TRIED out the swamp once, and proceeded to shut off the water too it, and never used it again. They are horrible devices that should have gone the way of the dodo a few decades back.

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Post by Crash »

I never understood swamp coolers on the roof because roof air may be way hot. Seems super-heated air on a roof wouldn't be cooled enough by a swamp cooler to make it worthwhile.

I'd suggest you setup the cooler in your yard or on a porch to see how it performs. It should only take a power outlet and some buckets of water to give it a test run. You'll see it exhausts notably cooler air. But if your starting temperature is the roof, "notably cooler" than hot roof air may not be useful.

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Post by al_roethlisberger »

I guess it depends on one's expectations... that is, how cold do you want it?

But I've lived in NM, and visited places in the desert that used nothing but evaporative coolers, and they worked like a charm, and blew quite cold.

However, the trick really is about relative humidity. If you live in a high humidity area, the evap cooler will be less efficacious, but drier areas will work like a charm.

But you do see less and less of them in use these days it seems.

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