hot water heating options

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hot water heating options

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I have purchased a 1930's Tudor in Long Island which previously had steam heating but the pipes and radiators were cut to switch to HVAC. The HVAC system never went in and I'm looking at options. Given the home is poorly insulated and has single pane windows, it appears that hot water heating is the better route. I would like to simply put new hot water radiators in the recessed walls where the old radiators were and try to use the old holes for the steam piping to put new pex piping. The project will also involve getting a new gas powered boiler put in. I have a few questions:

1) I have to keep cost under control and I am leaning towards putting in regular radiators but there's a lot of talk of the newer Eurpoean steel panel rads. Do the panels offer more heat? Is it mostly offering aesthetics at a higher price?

2) the lower end quotes that I am getting are for baseboard. I get the sense that baseboard is really inferior and also ugly. are there good baseboard options that won't take up too much floor space?


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Re: hot water heating options

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Re: hot water heating options

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I have hot water baseboard heat in my 1907 house. The baseboard heat is generally run along all of the exterior walls, especially under windows, so as to warm the exterior walls and heat loss areas. The baseboard heat (in my house) sticks out about 3" from the wall and, depending on your furniture and your taste, can make placement an issue if you let it.

My house is very poorly insulated and the baseboard heat keeps the house evenly heated and quite comfortable. I grew up in a house with old style radiators and loved them, but I think the baseboard heat does a better job of even heat throughout the rooms.

Just my .02, worth just .01 in many states....

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Re: hot water heating options

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You might also try for suggestions. The Wall is the message/discussion board.
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