Thinking of buying a 1925 house. Have design questions.

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Thinking of buying a 1925 house. Have design questions.

Postby CzenziLee on Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:01 pm

Hi all,

I am new here and new to old houses. I am looking to buy a small one story 1925 bungalow in my town's historic neighborhood. I live in Texas if the region is useful to know. Most of the house is original, but there have been some updates to the bathroom and a peninsula and newer floors in the kitchen.It's a pretty typical floor plan of living, dining kitchen on one side. Bed, bed, bath, bed on the other.

If anyone wants, I'll be happy to message the link to the house's listing to see pictures. I would like here, but it's not my house (yet) so I want to respect the seller's privacy.

First, I am wondering about the walls in the dining room and kitchen and whether they are period or not. The dining room has a bead board chair rail with a narrow top edging. The kitchen has been painted completely eggshell, but the walls underneath are wider wood paneling that runs vertically. Are these two things correct to the period or are they added later?

Second, the front porch is an L-shape and there are two front doors at right angles to each other. The fancier one faces the street but actually leads to what I would consider a front bedroom though it doesn't have any storage. The "side" door goes to the larger room that leads to the dining room. I can only assume this would make it the living area though it is the room with a closet. Why would this be set up this way?

Finally, in the "hallway" (which is really a tiny square between the dining room and bathroom) there is a shallow linen closet/pantry, but near the ceiling there are two small doors. At first, I though they went to the attic, but there isn't really enough floor space for a ladder and both doors are really too small for people to get into. Do you all know what these are for?

Thank you for your time answering my newbie questions.
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