Juniperus virginiana--Red Cedar

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Juniperus virginiana--Red Cedar

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Red cedar is an evergreen growing 40 to 50 feet tall and spreading 8 to 12 feet when given a sunny location. The tree is best planted balled and burlapped. Red cedar develops a brownish tint in winter and is sometimes used in windbreaks. The fruit is a blue berry and is ornamental when produced in quantity.

Most nurseries will probably carry a cultivar of red cedar. Cultivars include: 'Burkii'--pyramidal, blue foliage; 'Canaertii'--compact, pyramidal, good fruit production; 'Hillspire'--(cupressifolia)--good green color; 'Elegantissima'--Goldtip Red Cedar--branchlets with yellow tips, less than 20 feet tall; 'Filifera'--pyramidal, branchlets divided, foliage gray green; 'Glauca'--Silver Red Cedar--narrow, columnar, 15 to 20 feet tall, silvery blue foliage especially in spring; 'Manhattan Blue'-- compact, pyramidal, foliage bluish green; 'Pendula'-- Weeping Red Cedar--branchlets pendulous; 'Pyramidalis Dundee'--pyramidal, purplish green in winter.

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